Library Catalog Help

Tips for searching, finding your pin, and placing a hold.


To place a hold on something, you will need a Personal Identification Number or PIN. This security feature was added when we upgraded in 2009. Everyone was given the same PIN – CHANGEME – and you are required to change it to something you will remember!

Go to the CATALOG, click on MY Account, and log in with your library card number and CHANGEME as the PIN. Click on “Change PIN” towards the bottom of the “Personal Information” page and follow the directions.

Already changed your PIN but can’t remember what it is?

You’ll have to call us at (716) 778-9344 during library hours.


You’ll need your library card number and PIN for this. You also have to choose which library to have the item(s) sent to. Look for the blue Place Hold button and click on it. This can be found either from the list of items that came up after doing a search (look to the right side), or from clicking on the title of the item you want, again the button will show up on the right.

Placed a hold but clicked on the wrong library?

Go to “My Account” (link is at the top of the screen), and assuming you are already logged in, click on the tab “Holds”. This will give you a list of the holds you’ve placed, their status, and the pickup location. Click on the empty box to the left of the item(s) you want to change. Click on the blue button titled “Edit Pickup Location(s)”, and change the location.

Trying to place a hold on a movie or a new book, but the hold doesn’t work?

Some libraries do not allow holds on their movies, especially new releases. You can go to the library and check it out personally, but cannot place a hold. The same goes for “new” books. If you click on the title to bring up that item’s information, if it is listed as “New Items” under “Material”, you cannot place a hold on it. You can, however, go to that library and personally check it out.


Our library has three deliveries a week – Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. The item you requested will be delivered on one of those days, also depending on when you placed the hold, who filled it, and their delivery schedule. Usual delivery time is within one week of placing the hold.


We are happy to call you when the item you put on hold comes in, but would you rather receive an e-mail instead? Next time you visit the library, stop at the front desk and have your e-mail added to your library account. You will then receive e-mails regarding holds that have come in as well as overdue material alerts!


Need to find out the phone number or address of another library? Click here. Click on the library you are interested in, and contact information will be available, including a link to that library’s website.