Seasonal Reading Programs

Newfane Public Library offers both Winter and Summer Reading Programs.

Winter Reading Program

During the Winter months, when it’s too cold to go outside and you’d rather cozy up with a good book the library offers a reading program that is open to people of all ages:

The Winter Reading Program allows patrons of all ages to try and win prizes simply by reading books or magazines! Each library book or magazine read or listened to is a chance at winning one of several prizes.

Summer Reading Program

During the Summer months, when the days are longer and there’s nothing better than a lazy afternoon with a good book, the library offers a program that is offered to various age groups:

The Summer Reading Program for Kids & Teens encourages reading to bridge the gap between school sessions. Our Kids program, for non-readers – 10-year-olds is a timed-reading (and/or listening) program. Reading and/or listening is tracked using 15-minute increments. Every 1.25 hours read earns a brag tag and a chance at winning one of several prizes.

Our Teen program offers Book Bingo, with every line of Bingo accomplished earning a small prize and a chance at winning one of several prizes.

Our Summer Reading Program for Adults and Older Teens is run just like our Winter Reading Program – every library book or magazine read or listened-to is a chance at winning one of several prizes!

*All books read or listened to must be library books: books and audiobooks can be physical items checked out of the library; eBooks, magazines and/or audiobooks downloaded from Overdrive or Hoopla; or Story Walk & Story Hour stories read or listened to.